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'Pocket Welsh' for beginners

Welsh for Adults Centre (Bangor University)

According to the 2011 census, only 19% of the people of Wales can speak Welsh, but in the county of Gwynedd, where Bangor is located, the language is spoken by over 65% of the population and is in common everyday use in the education system, in the workplace and in social contexts.

In the Pocket Welsh workshop, you will learn some everyday phrases that you can put into practice during your stay at Bangor.  You will also get a taste of the teaching methods currently used in Bangor University’s extensive Welsh for Adults programme.  During the session, some key features of Welsh pronunciation will be introduced and you will also become aware of the main characteristics of Welsh sentence construction.  You may even get to empathise with our Welsh learners’ two main phobias:  initial letter mutation and answering “yes”!

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