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Proceedings and Selected Papers

The complete Proceedings of the conference can be downloaded here (2.3 MB). This includes abstracts for all talks and posters in alphabetical order.

Full Papers

We intend to publish a volume of selected full papers based on the presentations -paper, poster, plenary or workshop- given at the 6th UKCLC Conference held in Bangor in July 20126. These will be published on-line by the UK Cognitive Linguistics Association with the ISSN number 2046-9144. (see

Papers should be of 5-7000 words and related to your abstract/presentation (or plenary or workshop). The papers will be selected by an editorial board and decisions will be based on quality and current relevance to Cognitive Linguistics. All authors are required to format their manuscript using this designated Word template.

Since the main aim of the volume will be to keep members and the wider Cognitive Linguistic community abreast of current work being done within Cognitive Linguistics, we do not require that the results discussed in your submission have not been, , or will not be, published elsewhere, although we will not accept papers that differ only minimally from existing papers. Of course other journals may enforce such restrictions, so if you are intending to publish your paper in another journal, please check their policy.
Please send contributions to The deadline for papers is the 15th of February 2017.

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