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The Linguistic past, present and future of Welsh

Peredur Webb-Davies (Bangor University)

Welsh, a Celtic language spoken by 64% of the population of Gwynedd (where Bangor is located), has many notable linguistic aspects which make it an interesting and valuable language to analyse, but thus far it has received little attention from a Cognitive Linguistic perspective. This half-day workshop will be a crash course in Welsh linguistics which introduces attendees to some salient features of Welsh grammar, specifically:

  • The morphosyntactic fundamentals of Welsh grammar.
  • Initial consonant mutations in Welsh.
  • Features of informal spoken Welsh grammar.
  • Grammatical change in Welsh.

Since the tutor will not be a Cognitive Linguist, the idea for this workshop will be to spark ideas for future research topics and directions in the study of Welsh linguistics, including from a CL viewpoint.

No prior knowledge of Welsh will be required. The workshop will involve some data analysis/discussion activities and there will be time for discussion and sharing of ideas and knowledge.

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